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411 Vision LLC

Carmel Investment Analysis Software

The system is designed for investment consultants, family offices, and companies that manage large, multi-manager portfolios.

The system interfaces with custodians to capture transaction level information. Using this information, the system verifies returns, helps detect fraud, identifies when managers are straying from investment policy, and helps you analyze manager retention.

Reporting and analysis is powered by a very flexible composite structure. Virtually any composite structure can be created including partial ownership of investments which changes over time. This is especially helpful when a family makes a large investment in private equity then allocates partial ownership to the family members. The system can report on the funds from the perspective of the overall investment, the portion owned by a family member, or any composite included in the investment's roll up.
The reporting is very flexible including standard reports, data mining analysis, and alerts when investments are no longer in compliance with policies you establish. There is tight integration with Excel. So, you are not limited to the reports existing in the system. In addition, 411 Vision is available to perform the data analysis for you when needed.