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411 Vision LLC

Tutorial Videos for Web Edition (virtual meetings)
Club member refresher. How to upload images and review. (rev. 9/17/22)
Individual Competitions. Register, upload images, and review. (rev. 8/11/20)
        Register and log in at: http://www.411-vision.com/411ClientLogin.html
Judge a Competition (rev. 9/8/20)
Club Setup (rev. 8/13/20)
        Club Setup New Features (rev. 9/11/20)
Create Competition (rev. 8/13/20)
Running a Competition (rev. 8/12/20)
        While running a competition, Rescoring a Round (rev. 9/8/20)
After the Competition (rev. 8/13/20)
Using Competition Assistant Website for In Person Meetings (rev. 8/8/22)
Club Representative Refresher (rev. 8/20/22)
Tutorial Videos Windows Executable (in person meetings)
New Competition
Paper Score Sheet to help on Competition Night
Scoring a Competition
After the Competition. Season Standings
Setting Competition Assistant Options
Processing more than one Class in a single Competition
Best of Year with 2 HMs
Best of Year plus 2 Awards
Best of Year
Print Competitions