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411 Vision LLC Partner
Our Experience
411 Vision has been in business for almost two decades. Since our company's founding, we have maintained an excellent relationship with both our initial and newer clientele. With over six years of experience creating tax products for Price Waterhouse and experience leading the Northern Trust Investment Management system, we understand the importance of quality software and quality information. Most of our clients have contracted with 411 Vision for over 15 years because we listen and work hard to be a good partner. Experience
411 Vision has two main product lines: Carmel Investment Management and Competition Assistant.
Carmel helps Family Offices and Investment Consultants manage large, multi-manager portfolios. The software is currently used to manage over $110 billion dollars in assets. Carmel has an extremely flexible composite structure including support for partial ownership partnerships. In addition to standard reporting, extensive data mining is available to highlight problems and opportunities. more...
Competition Assistant
Competition Assistant is an enhanced replacement for ClubViewer. The intention is to allow the volunteers working a photo competition to also enjoy the competition. The software eliminates the need for dedicated scoring equipment by using simple USB keyboards to connect our software. more...